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China Manufacture Adjustable Protective High Definition Safety Protective Goggles

Model No.:S01

Eyeprotect Chemical Splash Impact Eye Protective Goggles Anti Virus Glasses

1.Soft edge design: the frame is made of lightweight PC, comfortable to wear, no pressure feeling.

2. The splash goggles lens is made of a high-performance PC with excellent impact resistance.

3.Anti-Fog Wide-Vision Lab Safety Goggle,Eye Protection for Classroom Lab, Home, and Workplace Safety

Product description

China Manufacture Adjustable Protective High Definition Safety Protective Goggles


1.Model No.:S01

2.Material :PC


4.Lens function:anti-fog,anti-virus,anti-dust,anti-splash

5.Application:Welding glasses; workplace safety; safety medical goggle


1.High-quality panoramic spectacles and a full field of vision can prevent saliva droplets and ensure safe travel and work.
2.The large goggles design can be used in combination with myopia glasses, is suitable for everyone, and has dual protection functions, which can block blue light and ultraviolet light.
3.The glasses are designed with multi-layer coatings, which are waterproof, shockproof, wear-resistant, explosion-proof and comfortable to wear.
Safety goggles have a comfortable nose bridge and adjustable straps, suitable for people with different head circumferences, and have elasticity to ensure that they are not easy to fall off.
4.The surface of the arc mirror is beautiful and elegant. These are high quality glasses for men, women and children.

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